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G-Free NYC is a celiac’s dream come true. Everything that this little Upper West Side shop sells is gluten-free, so nothing is off limits for shoppers with food restrictions. There’s an extensive selection of frozen and shelf-stable gluten-free products, from the standard bread, pasta, sauces, cereals, and crackers to the more fun treats like pizza, ramen, macaroni & cheese, and cookies.

G-Free NYC: New York City 100% Gluten-Free Market

It doesn’t stop there, though. G-Free NYC also offers baked goods from several local gluten-free bakeries. Fresh bread, cookies, and other sweets are on regular rotation from nearby bakeries including Tu-Lu’s, Main Line Baking Co., Taffets, Free Bread, and the Gluten Free Bakery. Check G-Free NYC’s website for the weekly schedule, and get your baked goods fresh out of the oven.

G-Free NYC: New York City 100% Gluten-Free Market

I’ve now visited G-Free NYC twice, and I’m amazed at how much this shop has grown over the course of a year. Owner Lynn Shuter is celiac herself, and she makes a point of stocking products that are as good or better than their “regular” gluten-ful equivalents. You won’t find any dry cookies or cardboard crackers here!

G-Free NYC: New York City 100% Gluten-Free Market

Though you will definitely be able to purchase some of your go-to larger brands, like Rudi’s and Van’s, you’ll also find yourself dazzled by the smaller and local brands, each one tempting in its own right. Be sure to try G-Free NYC’s newest additions on sample days, and if you’re based in New York City, sign up for G-Free to Go, the shop’s weekly meal to go. If you’re just visiting, stop by to discover some delicious new gluten-free goodies!

Note: Gluten-Free Jet Set first reviewed G-Free NYC in November 2013; all updates are from a subsequent visit in October 2014.

Where? G-Free NYC is located on the Upper West Side: 77A W 85th Street, New York, NY (646-781-9770).

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  1. Best gluten free bread ever had was Free Bread, Inc. Moxy Bread. Do you still sell it. They have a website up but the shopify online site does not seem to work.
    They list you all as seller of their products. Are they out of business or still making gluten free bread? Appreciate help with this mystery.

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