Taste Guru gluten-free subscription box

Taste Guru Gluten-Free Subscription Box

If you eat gluten-free, chances are you never leave home without a backup snack (or ten). Even if you already have some favorites, discovering an amazing new gluten-free snack can be a real game changer. But how do you go about finding new snacks that you’ll love? You need Taste Guru!

Taste Guru gluten-free subscription box

Everything in this Taste Guru box is 100% gluten-free, and each month it’s packed with seven to ten goodies. You’ll get to try everything from sweets like baking mixes and energy bars to savory things like chips and salty snacks. Most of the products are perfect for grab-and-go snacking, and those that aren’t designed for snacking make for deliciously easy baking projects.

Taste Guru gluten-free subscription box

When our Taste Guru box arrived on our doorstep, we were excited to see a bunch of new-to-us products. We’ve had our eye on Swoffle ever since sampling a few ho-hum gluten-free stroopwafels in Amsterdam. Swoffle was spot on with a real cookie crumble and a nice (not too chewy) caramel center. We’ve also wanted to try Dang coconut chips forever, and they were just as crispy and sweet as we’d hoped. The Mamma Chia squeeze made for a juicy snack packed with fiber and omega 3s, and the ips chips were a uniquely crunchy snack with plenty of sea salt and black pepper. We haven’t found the perfect gluten-free brownie mix yet, so we can’t wait to give the Better Batter mix a try.

Taste Guru gluten-free subscription box

When you order a Taste Guru box, you can try one to start, or you can take the plunge and order a three, six, or twelve month subscription. Taste Guru is perfect for adding a little variety to your snacking and baking routine or for introducing you to a whole new world of snacks. It’s also great for people new to the gluten-free diet and a really nice gift for a gluten-free friend or family member. What’s better than having gluten-free goodies shipped right to your door?

Sound awesome? If you sign up for a Taste Guru subscription through our affiliate link, you’ll get a fun Taste Guru tote bag with your order. Happy gluten-free snacking!

Full Disclosure: Taste Guru is a sponsor of Gluten-Free Jet Set. We love their gluten-free monthly subscription box service, and we know you will, too. As always, all opinions and enthusiasm are our own.

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