Atlanta Cobb Galleria Hyatt House gluten-free

As gluten-free travelers, we always strive for balance to stay healthy—between indulging in delicious gluten-free pastries and opting for a piece of fresh fruit, between trying the new local gluten-free restaurants and sticking with the safe chain options, between eating meals out and preparing food ourselves. When it comes to lodging, we find more and more that hotels geared toward long-term travel contribute tremendously toward this balance. With extra guestroom space, kitchen facilities, and complimentary breakfast, extended stay hotels can be the perfect option for gluten-free travelers.

Hyatt House: Extended-Stay Hotel Standout

Atlanta Cobb Galleria Hyatt House gluten-free
Hyatt House living room

With all of its amenities and benefits for gluten-free travelers, Hyatt House stands out as the go-to brand for an extended-stay hotel. During a recent trip to Atlanta for the Gluten & Allergen-Free Expo, the nearby Hyatt House Atlanta Cobb Galleria was the perfect choice. The hotel offers various room types and sizes, but the King Studio Suite is what you want if you’re traveling with family or if you’d like extra space to work or entertain. This huge sofa will comfortably fit you and your travel companions, whether you’re laptopping with colleagues or chatting over a glass of wine with friends and family.

Atlanta Cobb Galleria Hyatt House gluten-free
Hyatt House bedroom

Separated from the living room area by a room divider and television, the bedroom is also spacious and cleanly designed. All rooms at the Hyatt House feature the Hyatt Grand Bed (so comfy it’s trademarked), to ensure that you can fit in some quality sleep into your travels. Also note the super effective blackout shades, a must for any frequent traveler.

Atlanta Cobb Galleria Hyatt House gluten-free
Hyatt House kitchenette

Perhaps most importantly for gluten-free travelers, Hyatt Houses feature well-equipped kitchenettes. At the Atlanta Cobb Galleria hotel, guests get a full-size refrigerator, a range, a sink, and a nice selection of glasses, plates, and utensils all to themselves. This is fantastic for storing snacks, preparing a quick lunch, or even cooking up a quick, healthy meal for dinner—and storing the leftovers for later.

Hyatt House Gluten-Free: From Breakfast to Guest Market

Hyatt House is known for its breakfast, which is complimentary for all guests. Fortunately, gluten-free options abound. The star of the show is the omelet bar, standard throughout the brand, where you can order an omelet with your choice of meat, veggie, and cheese fillings. Other offerings vary from hotel to hotel, and the Hyatt House Atlanta Cobb Galleria features fruit, Rice Chex, juices, and coffee to round out your gluten-free breakfast. Potatoes, breakfast meats, and eggs are also generally offered at the hotel’s morning spread, but be sure to ask the staff about ingredients and preparation before digging in.

Atlanta Cobb Galleria Hyatt House gluten-free
Hyatt House gluten-free breakfast

Another much-appreciated Hyatt House feature is the guest market, generally open around the clock. The Atlanta Cobb Galleria location offered a few familiar gluten-free snacks, including Go Picnic meal packs and Mrs. May’s nut crunches. If the market doesn’t have what you need, you can always use the hotel’s complimentary grocery service. With complimentary breakfast, a snack market, space to prepare your own meals, and a comfortable place to rest your head, Hyatt House Atlanta Cobb Galleria effortlessly balances gluten-free travelers’ needs.

Atlanta Cobb Galleria Hyatt House gluten-free
Gluten-free goodies at the Hyatt House Guest Market

Where? Hyatt House Atlanta Cobb Galleria is located in northwest Atlanta: 3595 Cumberland Blvd SE, Atlanta, GA 30339 (770-541-2960).

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