WPA Bakery gluten-free Richmond

WPA Bakery gluten-free Richmond
WPA Bakery, Richmond

Late spring is the perfect time to visit Richmond. The sun casts a warm glow, the flowering trees are in full bloom, and a lovely fragrance permeates this quiet southern city. It’s especially apparent in Church Hill, a sleepy neighborhood filled with 18th century homes and layers of history. When you visit, start at St. John’s Church, where Patrick Henry famously proclaimed, “Give me liberty or give me death!” Then take in the panoramic view from the overlook at Chimborazo Park before strolling down the cobblestone streets to WPA Bakery for a freshly baked snack. Don’t let the relaxed atmosphere at WPA fool you: this bakery turns out serious pastries.

WPA Bakery Gluten-Free Canelés

WPA Bakery gluten-free Richmond
Gluten-free canelés

The bakery produces both gluten-free and glutenful pastries in-house, and the former are clearly labeled. An overflowing platter of gluten-free canelés greets patrons at the door, making these sweets an ideal first course. WPA’s version has a divine, nearly custard-like texture, lightly dusted with powdered sugar. It’s remarkably difficult to eat just one of these, but pacing is recommended. We’ve only just begun!

WPA Bakery Gluten-Free Muffins

WPA Bakery gluten-free Richmond
Gluten-free strawberry almond muffins

You may think you’ve had the best gluten-free muffin, but that’s simply not possible until you’ve tried WPA’s version. These muffins are perfection: fluffy, a touch sweet, and packed with fresh fruit and nuts. Paired with a cup of coffee and a patch of sun, these pastries make the ideal breakfast.

WPA Bakery Gluten-Free Pies

WPA Bakery gluten-free Richmond
Gluten-free pecan pie

If you’ve saved room for pie, you’re in luck. WPA’s emphasis on well-tested, delicious to the core recipes truly shines here. The bakery serves up the richest and sweetest pecan pie in town, complete with a dense, buttery shortbread crust. No visit to Richmond is complete without a slice!

WPA Bakery gluten-free Richmond
Gluten-free pecan pie close-up

Where? WPA Bakery is located in Richmond’s Church Hill neighborhood: 2707 East Marshall Street, Richmond, VA (804-716-9797).

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