La Boulange Starbucks gluten-free

Have you ever tried to navigate Starbucks from a gluten-free perspective? It’s often an uphill battle. Nearly every tasty-looking item in the bakery case is off limits, as are the many warmed-to-order breakfast pastries, sandwiches, and salads. Starbucks gluten-free options are improving, though. In addition to the fresh fruit and Evolution bars, there’s a new gluten-free sweet treat available!

La Boulange Starbucks gluten-free
La Boulange’s delicious and gluten-free marshmallow bar

The marshmallow dream bar from La Boulange is seriously delicious, and though it’s a relatively large snack, it will be gone before you know it. First, the positives: marshmallow bar fans will definitely approve of this bar’s sweetness, texture, and taste. La Boulange goes heavy on the marshmallows and adds a touch of salt for an indulgent, addictive flavor. Now for the negatives: health enthusiasts may balk at the ingredients. An emphasis on marshmallows means that corn syrup comes first on the ingredient list, and sugar isn’t far behind. This is definitely a delicious treat to be enjoyed in moderation. When ordering, ask for your marshmallow bar to be kept packaged, to eliminate any chance of handling or cross-contamination.

Starbucks Gluten-Free Beverages

To wash down your snack, focus on Starbucks’ simpler drinks. While many of the beverages, including coffee (drip or espresso), tea, bottled juices, and water, are safe options, the more calorie-heavy blended drinks are best avoided. Several Frappuccino varieties are free from gluten-containing ingredients, but they are made using the same blender as those that do contain gluten. As always, ask the barista about ingredients and drink preparation and use your judgment when ordering.

Where? Starbucks can be found worldwide! Contact your favorite location to confirm that it stocks La Boulange treats.

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