Gluten-free bagel with lox
Gluten-free bagel with lox

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New York is not New York without bagels and lox, which can be tricky for gluten-free eaters. Fortunately, both locals and visitors can find GF bagels at Tompkins Square Bagels in the East Village. Don’t worry, these bagels come with the works: plain cream cheese, traditional lox, full-on eggs-and-bacon sandwiches, and even a variety of nut butters.

Non-gluten-free eaters have tons to choose from as well, as TSB has at least a dozen varieties available on a daily basis. And non-bagel eaters, whoever you are, have lots to choose from as well, from salads to soups to sandwiches.

Tompkins Square Bagels has become a regular spot for me when I’m lucky enough to be in town. This time it was a welcome stop on a quick layover en route to Rome! Where else have you had great gluten-free bagels?

Where? Tompkins Square Bagels is located in the East Village: 165 Avenue A, New York, NY (646-351-6520).

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  1. Going to try today. Everyone I come to nyc I get depressed I can’t get a bagel. Doing a little detour today before work and treating myself. Thanks!!

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