Hail Merry gluten-free travel snacks

Whether we’re taking a trip across town or around the world, we almost always have a Hail Merry grawnola or nut blend packed in our bags. From extensive snacking experience, we know that what keeps us fueled on the go are healthy, energy-packed snacks. With their focus on raw, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients, Hail Merry snacks are a smart choice.

Hail Merry: The Raw Story

Hail Merry emphasizes foods that nurture the consumer, the producer, and the entire community. All ingredients sourced by the company are non-GMO certified, most are organic, and many are free trade. All Hail Merry products are certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization and tested at less than 5 parts per million for gluten, which is among the highest standards in the industry.

Hail Merry gluten-free travel snacks
Hail Merry’s travel snack dream team

From macaroons to tarts to nuts, all of Hail Merry’s products celebrate healthy plant-based fats. Instead of enduring a hot oven, ingredients are dehydrated at a low temperature, which allows them to remain in a more natural state. Spices and herbs enhance the raw, pure flavors, and there’s no need for sugar or other additives. These are truly snacks that we can feel good about!

Hail Merry: Vanilla Maple Almonds

Hail Merry gluten-free travel snacks
Hail Merry Vanilla Maple Almonds

The Vanilla Maple Almonds are one of our three must-haves when we’re on the go. These raw almonds are dusted with a magical blend of organic maple sugar, vanilla, and sea salt, and the vanilla-sugar blend nicely complements the natural sweetness of the almonds. This sweet snack is the perfect companion for an errand run, and like all Hail Merry snacks, it’s packed with fiber, protein, and healthy plant-based fats.

Hail Merry: The Royal Blend

Hail Merry gluten-free travel snacks
Hail Merry Royal Blend

Another must-have when we’re on the go, Hail Merry’s Royal Blend includes cashews, almonds, and pecans sprinkled with a mix of organic palm sugar, sea salt, and black pepper. The real kicker is the addition of dehydrated Hatch Chimayo chile pepper, which adds just a little spice to the mix. This savory snack is miles above airline peanuts and is our pick to pack for air travel.

Hail Merry: Orange Cranberry Grawnola

Hail Merry gluten-free travel snacks
Hail Merry Orange Cranberry Grawnola

Our third travel snack must-have, the Orange Cranberry Grawnola is delicious in the morning or afternoon. It’s a brilliant raw take on traditional granola and includes almonds, pecans, walnuts, sunflower seeds, buckwheat groats, flax seed, organic maple syrup, orange juice, organic dried apples, and organic dried cranberries. Cinnamon and vanilla give this grawnola an amazingly rich flavor that you’ll want to enjoy for breakfast—and throughout the day.

Because we would love for you to try these amazing snacks, Hail Merry is offering Gluten-Free Jet Set readers a generous discount through their online store. Go to Hail Merry’s website and use discount code HEALTHY to save 30% on any product (one time use per customer). Feed your body royally!

Disclosure: Hail Merry is a sponsor of Gluten-Free Jet Set. As longtime Hail Merry fans and consumers, however, we love and believe in their products, and we truly want to share them with you. All opinions expressed are our own.

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