Chipotle gluten-free

Chipotle Gluten-Free Options

Chipotle is a consistently safe and tasty gluten-free option in many US cities. Not only is the company relatively transparent about sourcing its ingredients using sustainable and friendly methods, but it is also quite clear about allergens in its food. Nearly all of Chipotle’s food is gluten-free, aside from the flour tortillas. Since Chipotle employees handle those flour tortillas constantly, though, there is reasonable concern that your burrito bowl might be cross-contaminated, even if it is tortilla-free. Fortunately, if you take a few easy steps, you can eliminate this possibility.

Chipotle Gluten-Free Tips

Chipotle gluten-free

When you approach the Chipotle counter, tell the staffperson that this is a gluten-free order, and request that s/he change his or her gloves. This same staffperson will handle your order all the way through the line, from the rice to the lettuce, so that only clean gloves touch your bowl. If you want cheese or lettuce on your meal, be sure to specify that you need fresh ingredients that haven’t been touched. These ingredients usually come from under the preparation area or from back in the kitchen area. By avoiding these problem areas, you’ll get a safe, delicious, gluten-free meal!

Chipotle gluten-free
Now serving: sofritas!

As a pescetarian, my choices at Chipotle have long focused on black beans, peppers and onions, and as much guacamole as I can get away with. This week, however, I was greeted by a new vegetarian choice: sofritas! As the sign describes, sofritas is shredded tofu braised with roasted chipotles and poblanos. The result is a complex, peppery, medium spicy, and almost meaty vegetarian protein. The only downside to this mouthwatering new protein is that it is priced similarly to the meat options, and guacamole is not a free addition, as it is with bean and veggie burritos. For now, I’m happy to fork over the extra cash for a giant bowl of deliciousness.

Where? Sofritas are gradually being rolled out at Chipotle locations across the country, and I’m so glad they are all over the Washington DC metro area.

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