Etihad Airways gluten-free meal

Etihad Airways Gluten-Free Meal

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  Etihad Airways Gluten-Free Meal   Ever since compiling a comprehensive list of special in-flight meals, I’ve wanted to try the Etihad Airways gluten-free meal. This airline provides one of

American Airlines gluten-free meal

American Airlines Gluten-Free Meal

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  American Airlines Gluten-Free Meal   You know gluten-free airplane meals have really improved when all of your seatmates are envious of your meal. That’s exactly what happened on a

gluten-free airlines

Gluten-Free Travel: Airlines

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  Gluten-Free Travel: In the Air Whether you’re taking off on a one-hour flight or a fifteen-hour flight, flying as a gluten-free traveler can be challenging. Though we always recommend

Gluten-Free Travel Tips

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  Gluten-Free Travel Tips For celiacs and gluten-free eaters, traveling often means eating outside of a safe, familiar kitchen. With equal parts research, preparation, and flexibility, though, everyone can take

Gluten-free main course: tofu with tomato sauce

Air Berlin Gluten-Free Business Class Meal

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  Air Berlin Gluten-Free Business Class Meal   A glass of prosecco is the best way to begin an Air Berlin flight in business class, and we made no exception